Common printer related issues and how to fix them

A printer at home can be very useful, but, like other technological devices, it can also give a lot of trouble if you are unfamiliar with it. So, we have collated some of the common printer related issues along with their solutions.

Printer denies printing

Sometimes printers throw errors and simply do not print, even when stacked with paper and having sufficient ink in the cartridges. When you […]

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Various kinds of printers and how to choose the perfect one for you

There are many different types of printers available in the market. But, before you go ahead with your purchase,   the crucial thing that you need to define, is the purpose of the printer and what features would suit your requirements.

In this article, we have highlighted the major kinds of printers and the different aspects that will help you to choose the perfect printer for you.

The […]

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Top 3 Reason to choose a printer cartridge refill over replacement

Are you looking for a printer cartridge refill? . Inkjet printers work best with top quality cartridges and on-time maintenance. At Adelaide Ink Plus, we supply brand new original or brand new generic cartridges!   We recycle all used cartridges and have options for ALL major brands of ink cartridges and laser toners.

Listed below are some of the top reasons for choosing a refilled printer cartridge […]

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Many people purchase cheap inkjet printers in Adelaide, thinking they are making a great
purchase. Well, it may seem that way, but the crunch comes when you analyse the real cost
to print! Printer Manufacturers use these entry level printers to lock you into using their OEM
consumables. They may not make much money selling the printer, but they make an absolute
killing on the INKS $$$$. Once you’re locked into that […]

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Toner Cartridge Recycling

Toner cartridge recycling is one of the best ways to contribute positively to our environment and our communities. By recycling toner cartridges, 40,000 tonnes of plastic and metal can be diverted from landfill and our environment. Let’s take a look at why Toner Cartridge recycling is so important.

Toner Cartridge Recycling Adelaide

When your toner cartridge is exhausted, it is important to dispose of it in a responsible manner and not like […]

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Inkjet Cartridge

Adelaide InkPlus provides genuine and compatible inkjet cartridges for all printer models and makes.

Inkjet Cartridge Prices in Adelaide

Inkjet cartridges can become expensive if you make the wrong choices. Replacing inkjet cartridges frequently can be frustrating and expensive!!! – especially if you have chosen the wrong printer! You could reduce your printing costs by using higher capacity inkjet cartridges, when they are an option.


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Generic & Laster Printer Cartridges in Adelaide

Are you spending hundreds of dollars on your ink cartridges every year? Adelaide Ink Plus can help you cut down on your annual printing cost by providing compatible laser printer cartridges at the best price in Adelaide. We supply generic printer cartridges for all makes and models to help you reduce the cost per page to print. Whether you need printer cartridges for personal or commercial use, we can deliver […]

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