Top 3 Reason to choose a printer cartridge refill over replacement

Are you looking for a printer cartridge refill? Yes, right. Inkjet printer requires both, a top quality cartridge and on-time maintenance, for efficient working. At Adelaide Ink Plus, we supply new original, generic, recycle and refill ALL major brands of ink cartridges and laser toners. Listed below are some of the top reasons for choosing a printer cartridge refill over replacement : Cost Saving Why do people consider buying printer cartridge refills over getting it replaced? The most common reason is only one - Cost. At Adelaide Ink Plus our printer cartridge refills can save you up to 50% of the original buying cost of a new inkjet cartridge. We also deal in printer repairs and printer cartridge recycling in Adelaide. Saves Environment More specifically, using printer cartridge refills helps to keep the environment healthy and clean saving it from hazardous landfills and plastic buildup. Cartridges are made up of plastic ,and therefore, every time you consider replacing one you are eventually adding up to the plastic waste. Best Quality Vibrancy Inkjet printers, being expensive, require on-time care and maintenance, and therefore, choosing the right printer cartridge refill is vital. For the best quality printing and vibrancy, check the cartridge frequently and do not leave the printer unused for long periods. In general, inkjet printers run on liquid that comes in black, cyan, magenta and yellow colours. These are some of the top reasons to choose a printer cartridge refill over replacement. It is always advised to keep your ink cartridges in good working condition to make them last longer and work efficiently. Try your best to get the cartridge refilled before it runs completely dry. At Adelaide Ink Plus we provide high quality, competitively [...]

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INKJET CARTRIDGES – Many people purchase cheap inkjet printers in Adelaide, thinking they are making a great purchase. Well, it may seem that way, but the crunch comes when you analyse the real cost to print! Printer Manufacturers use these entry level printers to lock you into using their OEM consumables. They may not make much money selling the printer, but they make an absolute killing on the INKS $$$$. Once you’re locked into that printer, you are wasting Money every time you print! At Adelaide InkPlus, we say that you should really unplug that printer, put it into the recycling bin, and buy a slightly dearer printer that has individual inks cartridges! After you’ve used 1 or 2 sets of cartridges, you will have made up the difference in initial costs and be well on your way to enjoying much more cost effective printing! If you want to save even more money, you can use compatible ink cartridges, and remember that all compatible ink catridges from Adelaide InkPlus are GUARANTEED! Please be aware that Seniors Card Holders get special prices prices at Adelaide InkPlus!!! Seniors Card Holders enjoy special discounts on all Ink Cartridges and Toner Cartridges! Seniors please ask for special Seniors Prices, when enquiring about your particular needs. Remember that lower Cartridges prices means lower costs per page when you print. Using Compatible Ink cartridges means even bigger savings! Please remember these important facts - 1. Cheap printers do not give you cheap printing. 2. Generally, the more you spend on your printer, The more likely it is that it will result in a lower cost per page to print. 3. Mono Laser printers seem to promise he lowest cost per page [...]

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Toner Cartridge Recycling

Toner cartridge recycling is one of the best ways to contribute positively to our environment and our communities. By recycling toner cartridges, 40,000 tonnes of plastic and metal can be diverted from landfill and our environment. Let’s take a look at why Toner Cartridge recycling is so important. Toner Cartridge Recycling Adelaide When your toner cartridge is exhausted, it is important to dispose of it in a responsible manner and not like regular trash. Always make sure that you put the used-up cartridge in the recycle bin from where it can be taken to the recycling facility by your local trash removalist. One cartridge at a time will make a huge difference for you and the environment in the long run. HOW CAN WE RECYCLE TONER CARTRIDGES? One of the best method of Toner Cartridges recycling is its reuse. Some O.E.M Toner cartridge manufacturers have been promoting reuse by implementing their return programmes. Many independent companies have been producing factory remanufactured cartridges, and this provides a really cost effective alternative to the O.E.M items. Re-manufactured Toner Cartridges are produced using O.E.M carcasses. The important difference is that the worn out components are replaced with premium parts and then refilled with compatible toner. This is best way to achieve all objectives. IMPORTANCE OF KEEPING TONER CARTRIDGES OUT OF LANDFILL According to experts, the huge amount of waste printer cartridges in landfill is HAZARDOUS! The materials need to breakdown and decompose completely. That can take years and years! Hence toner cartridge recycling would seem to answer that. It can save landfill and assist in conserving the required natural resources. BENEFITS OF TONER CARTRIDGE RECYCLING These recovered materials can be used to create many new products. The most [...]

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Inkjet Cartridge

Adelaide InkPlus provides genuine and compatible inkjet cartridges for all printer models and makes. Inkjet Cartridge Prices in Adelaide Inkjet cartridges can become expensive if you make the wrong choices. Replacing inkjet cartridges frequently can be frustrating and expensive!!! – especially if you have chosen the wrong printer! You could reduce your printing costs by using higher capacity inkjet cartridges, when they are an option. TAKE A LOOK AT THESE 5 METHODS TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT INKJET CARTRIDGE FOR YOUR PRINTER   Standard Inkjet cartridges may be appropriate if you are only doing limited amounts of printing – but your cost per page will be higher. XL vs STANDARD INKJET CARTRIDGES – There is one major difference between standard and XL inkjet cartridges – The XL’s cost more, but the cost per page is lower with the XL. TRI COLOUR vs INDIVIDUAL INKJET CARTRIDGES – The benefits and drawbacks of both cartridges depends on your usage and what you print. Tri Colour Inkjet cartridges may be acceptable if you are only doing a minimal number of pages, but the cost per page is very high. In addition, Tri Colour Inkjet cartridges are extremely wasteful, because when the first colour runs out, it will not continue to print. In other words, what is left is wasted, and the cost per page can escalate up to 3 times the price. ( With Individual cartridges, you only need replace the one that is empty ) RECYCLED INKJET CARTRIDGES – Using a Factory remanufactured Inkjet cartridge is an eco-friendly method that can save you money, save the Environment and the Planet!!! Remanufactured inkjet cartridges utilise the O.E.M. carcass with compatible Inks, meaning that remanufactured inkjet cartridges generally produce similar [...]

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Laser (Generic) Printer Cartridges Adelaide

Are you spending hundreds of dollars on your ink cartridges every year? Adelaide Ink Plus can help you cut down on your annual printing cost by providing compatible laser printer cartridges at the best price in Adelaide. We supply generic printer cartridges for all makes and models to help you reduce the cost per page to print. Whether you need printer cartridges for personal or commercial use, we can deliver any quantity for any printer model in Adelaide. Laser Printer Cartridges Adelaide At Adelaide Ink Plus, we advise our customers to buy a dearer printer to save maintenance and print cost in the long run. While cheap printers might seem cost-effective at first, they tend to burn a hole in your pocket with relatively expensive consumables and high cost per page to print. On the other hand, buying a laser printer might seem expensive at first, but with cheaper consumables and higher efficiency, you will have recouped the difference in the initial costs after using 2 to 3 sets of cartridges. Thereon, with our affordable laser printer cartridges in Adelaide, you are all set to enjoy cost-effective printing for years. Generic Printer Cartridges in Adelaide Looking for generic printer cartridges to minimise cost per page to print without compromising quality? Choose from the extensive selection of generic printer cartridges at Adelaide Ink Plus. We provide reconditioned compatible printer cartridges to help reduce your printing overheads and ensure the satisfactory print quality for the low price. Senior Card Holders can avail themselves of attractive discounts on toner and ink cartridges at Adelaide Ink Plus. When you buy from us, feel free to enquire about our prices. You can come down to our store to buy ink [...]

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