Toner cartridge recycling is one of the best ways to contribute positively to our environment and our communities. By recycling toner cartridges, 40,000 tonnes of plastic and metal can be diverted from landfill and our environment. Let’s take a look at why Toner Cartridge recycling is so important.

Toner Cartridge Recycling Adelaide

When your toner cartridge is exhausted, it is important to dispose of it in a responsible manner and not like regular trash. Always make sure that you put the used-up cartridge in the recycle bin from where it can be taken to the recycling facility by your local trash removalist. One cartridge at a time will make a huge difference for you and the environment in the long run.


One of the best method of Toner Cartridges recycling is its reuse. Some O.E.M Toner cartridge manufacturers have been promoting reuse by implementing their return programmes. Many independent companies have been producing factory remanufactured cartridges, and this provides a really cost effective alternative to the O.E.M items.

Re-manufactured Toner Cartridges are produced using O.E.M carcasses. The important difference is that the worn out components are replaced with premium parts and then refilled with compatible toner. This is best way to achieve all objectives.


According to experts, the huge amount of waste printer cartridges in landfill is HAZARDOUS! The materials need to breakdown and decompose completely. That can take years and years! Hence toner cartridge recycling would seem to answer that. It can save landfill and assist in conserving the required natural resources.


These recovered materials can be used to create many new products. The most advantageous result of toner cartridge recycling is the conservation of the environment. It not only saves natural resources but also reduces green house gases emitted, that are produced while manufacturing new cartridges.

Recycling toner cartridges gives a much less expensive printing solution for printer owners and users.

Remanufactured toner cartridges are much less expensive than O.E.M.’S. They provide the same amount of toner and page yield, at a lower cost without effecting print quality.

Next time your Toner runs out, think of what you can do with your empty toner cartridge so that it can be used again.

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