A printer at home can be very useful, but, like other technological devices, it can also give a lot of trouble if you are unfamiliar with it. So, we have collated some of the common printer related issues along with their solutions.

Printer denies printing

Sometimes printers throw errors and simply do not print, even when stacked with paper and having sufficient ink in the cartridges. When you are in a hurry, it can be really frustrating to see the indicator blinking constantly.


Once you are sure of the basics like paper and ink, check the connectivity. If required for network or wireless printing, try plugging in a USB cable, as some economic Wi-Fi printers are not dependable when it comes to the connection.

Next thing that you need to check is the software. It might happen because you have installed some software that has a ‘virtual’ printer and this might be a default characteristic. So, when you hit the Print option, the file gets saved instead of the getting printed by the physical printer. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu to check this, and also confirm that the printer is in the “Ready” mode. Next go to Devices and Printers, select the correct printer and set it as the default option.

It takes a lot of time to print

Slow print time can be due to a high-resolution setting, or an issue with the memory, or the drivers and software.


To resolve the high-resolution issue – If you do not need gallery quality print outs, select draft, standard or normal mode. This increases the speed of printing, and you can go back to the high-resolution mode, whenever you require.

Try to switch from two-sided to one side mode. While you will end up using more paper in the one-sided printing mode, it will speed up your printing job.

Your driver can also regulate the speed. Some high-end lasers and inkjets come with a choice of drivers including PostScript, PCL and/or drivers hosted by the manufacturer. Generally, PCL is best when you want your job to be done fast, and PostScript is better for when you want high-quality graphics and print outs.

If you think that your printer cartridge is almost empty, you can consult with Adelaide InkPlus, as we can give you options for printer cartridges and recycling in Adelaide or you can search for them on the internet.

Paper jam

A very common problem – every time you hit the print option, you get the error of “paper jam”.


Follow the user manual to resolve this issue. First, check the paper path and if there is any jammed material, remove it carefully, as it should not tear out and get stuck between the rollers.

Make sure that the type of paper you are using is compatible with your printer. And store your paper in dry place, as moistened paper can cause paper jam and impact your printers overall functioning.

Poor quality

In spite of everything being fine with your computer, your print outs quality is not up to the mark. Really frustrating, isn’t it?


  •   Start with checking your printers’ driver to ensure that have selected the correct paper or media mode.
  •   Check the cartridges and the ink level in them. If you find it too expensive to purchase new cartridges, check for toner cartridge recycling options in your area.
  •   Recheck that the paper that you have loaded in the tray is the same as the type of paper selected in the printer driver.
  •   Follow the user guide while cleaning the printer.
  •   Sometime smudge marks on print out can be resolved by printing several blank sheets of paper.

Web page print outs

Since web pages are designed for printing, they can be of different size. So, you may have a problem in getting good prints of web pages.


You can select the option like landscape mode, or shrink-to-fit if the size of the document you are trying to print is large. And, always remember to see the preview in ‘print preview’ option, before you go ahead with your printing job.