Are you looking for a printer cartridge refill? Yes, right. Inkjet printer requires both, a top quality cartridge and on-time maintenance, for efficient working. At Adelaide Ink Plus, we supply new original, generic, recycle and refill ALL major brands of ink cartridges and laser toners.

Listed below are some of the top reasons for choosing a printer cartridge refill over replacement :

  • Cost Saving

Why do people consider buying printer cartridge refills over getting it replaced? The most common reason is only one – Cost. At Adelaide Ink Plus our printer cartridge refills can save you up to 50% of the original buying cost of a new inkjet cartridge. We also deal in printer repairs and printer cartridge recycling in Adelaide.

  • Saves Environment

More specifically, using printer cartridge refills helps to keep the environment healthy and clean saving it from hazardous landfills and plastic buildup. Cartridges are made up of plastic ,and therefore, every time you consider replacing one you are eventually adding up to the plastic waste.

  • Best Quality Vibrancy

Inkjet printers, being expensive, require on-time care and maintenance, and therefore, choosing the right printer cartridge refill is vital. For the best quality printing and vibrancy, check the cartridge frequently and do not leave the printer unused for long periods. In general, inkjet printers run on liquid that comes in black, cyan, magenta and yellow colours.

These are some of the top reasons to choose a printer cartridge refill over replacement. It is always advised to keep your ink cartridges in good working condition to make them last longer and work efficiently. Try your best to get the cartridge refilled before it runs completely dry. At Adelaide Ink Plus we provide high quality, competitively priced genuine OEM, compatible and remanufactured inkjet and laser toner cartridges, cartridges refills, refill kits, and ribbon.