Adelaide InkPlus provides genuine and compatible inkjet cartridges for all printer models and makes.

Inkjet Cartridge Prices in Adelaide

Inkjet cartridges can become expensive if you make the wrong choices. Replacing inkjet cartridges frequently can be frustrating and expensive!!! – especially if you have chosen the wrong printer! You could reduce your printing costs by using higher capacity inkjet cartridges, when they are an option.



Standard Inkjet cartridges may be appropriate if you are only doing limited amounts of printing – but your cost per page will be higher.

XL vs STANDARD INKJET CARTRIDGES – There is one major difference between standard and XL inkjet cartridges – The XL’s cost more, but the cost per page is lower with the XL.

TRI COLOUR vs INDIVIDUAL INKJET CARTRIDGES – The benefits and drawbacks of both cartridges depends on your usage and what you print. Tri Colour Inkjet cartridges may be acceptable if you are only doing a minimal number of pages, but the cost per page is very high. In addition, Tri Colour Inkjet cartridges are extremely wasteful, because when the first colour runs out, it will not continue to print. In other words, what is left is wasted, and the cost per page can escalate up to 3 times the price. ( With Individual cartridges, you only need replace the one that is empty )

RECYCLED INKJET CARTRIDGES – Using a Factory remanufactured Inkjet cartridge is an eco-friendly method that can save you money, save the Environment and the Planet!!! Remanufactured inkjet cartridges utilise the O.E.M. carcass with compatible Inks, meaning that remanufactured inkjet cartridges generally produce similar yields and quality as O.E.M.

REFILLING of CARTRIDGES is unfortunately accompanied by many potential problems. They can be messy to handle, and can have blockage problems that are caused when mixing the new compatible inks with the remnants of whatever remains in the cartridge from before! In addition to that, chip issues can also occur. In general, the customer cannot be certain of a satisfying user experience when using refilled inkjet cartridges.

CONCLUSION — If you are still unsure about which Inkjet cartridge is best for you, please contact us at Adelaide InkPlus, and we will be happy to assist you.