There are many different types of printers available in the market. But, before you go ahead with your purchase,   the crucial thing that you need to define, is the purpose of the printer and what features would suit your requirements.

In this article, we have highlighted the major kinds of printers and the different aspects that will help you to choose the perfect printer for you.

The 2 major types of printers :

Inkjet printers

These printers are great for printing good quality image quickly. But, the printouts can have a propensity to smudge if they get wet. And, though the printers are not very costly, ink cartridges can be pocket pinching.


If you need to do a lot of photocopy work, then this ideal. The initial buy might be costlier than an inkjet printer, generic printer cartridges are cheaper.  Also. if A mono laser fills your needs, it may be your most cost effective option.

Tips to choose the perfect printer

Why do you want a printer?

As already stated earlier, this is the first question you should ask yourself.

If you need the printer for regular printing and want to cut down on recurring expenses you could purchase a laser printer. Whereas, if you need good quality printing and not colorless print outs, purchase an inkjet printer and preferably, use original inkjet cartridges. If you want to print photographs more often than printing office papers or school homework , purchase a printer specially manufactured for this purpose.  

If you have to multitask using the printer, it is best is to purchase an all-in-one printer. These can be used for printing and scanning both. If you need to do a lot scanning and do not have a scanner yet, instead of purchasing two separate devices, go for the all-in-one printer.  

What is the overall cost?

Your budget plays an important role in all your purchasing decisions, so the other important factor to keep in mind is the overall expenditure you have to make after purchasing – the cost of consumables! Before you buy a printer, do thorough research on the cost of different replacement parts. Be prepared for the recurring cost that you will have to incur once the initial cartridges are used. Depending on how regularly you need to print, go for more expensive printers as their cartridges are  generally comparatively cheaper, when assessing the cost per page.

Size and number of trays

Some models which are specifically designed for the home office user offer an optional second tray, which you can use to hold different sizes of paper, or simply double the capacity of paper, so that you do not have to refill the paper as often.

Check the size of the trays which hold the paper. Smaller trays will have to refilled more often, and a 250-page hopper might need a once in a month refill. So, depending on your requirements, two paper trays may be quite handy.

Other features

Printers nowadays come with multiple connectivity options. You can also purchase wireless routers which you can connect to a printer and allow wireless printing on your home’s network.

You can base your decision on a wireless or wired version, depending on where you are planning to place your printer. If you can keep it near your computer, you could use a wired one. However, if you want to print from different devices at different locations within your house, you may be better served with a wireless printer.

If you want to print photos which are stored in your camera or smartphone, you can check for printers with memory card slots, Bluetooth capabilities, or PictBridge. As these allow you to print photos without any hassle.

Once you get the answer to all of the above questions, you will see that it becomes easier for you to make your choice of printer.