A Home Printer is most convenient for your home office, as you will not need to run out of the house for every small printing job. However, it can be one of the most troublesome parts of your home office , when it plays up at the time of need, with paper jams, printing errors, or simply runs out of ink!

Let us help you with a few simple tips, which  can keep your printer running smoothly and reduce the number of visits for printer consumables or related repairs.

Keep the Printer Heads Clean

If you have installed new cartridges, and you find print outs with white lines running across the text or unreadable text, check the printer heads. Clogging or blockage of printer head is the prime cause of this problem. Follow the manuals or look out for videos and clean the printer head carefully for legible and neat print outs.

Keep your printer dust free

Use a small vacuum cleaner to remove the dust particles from your printer. But, make sure to do it carefully so that dust does not go into the other parts of the printer. Use a cotton swab and purified water may also be used to  clean the ink cartridges.

You should clean the inner parts of the printer periodically. Once in a while lift the lid/cover to confirm that there are no jammed paper or broken parts inside it. You can also use soft bristles to remove dust particles.

While cleaning, never apply pressure on your printer.

Replace cartridges on time

Most printers  indicate when ink in the cartridges is low and need replacing. Take note and replace your cartridges before they run out of ink.  Keeping empty cartridges in the printer can cause annoying wear and tear to the other parts of the printer including the printer head. Look up “printer cartridge refills Adelaide on the internet, or speak to the seller from where you have purchased your printer for ink refills. Remember that using good quality cartridges or ink,  is crucial for good quality results.

Also, be careful when you replace the cartridges and try not to touch the bottom of the cartridge, as it impacts on the print quality.

Pay attention to the other indicators

In addition to indicating  the ink level of cartridges, printers may also have built-in diagnostics to give messages indicating  wear and tear, or end of life of other components of the printer! – Pay close attention to it. Replace the component as soon as convenient. Remember that print quality may suffer in the meantime, and may prevent your printer from operating efficiently or correctly.

Before unplugging your printer turn off the power

Just like you never unplug your computer without switching it off first, never unplug your printer without turning it’s power off first.  Your printer may be part way through a task, and removing the plug can lead to recognition issues, so that when a new cartridge is installed, the printer may not recognise it. That is when you may need expert help! Also, it is a good practice to turn off your printer, when you know you will not use it for a long time.  

Keep the software updated ?

It may be best practice to keep your printer up-to-date by installing the latest software from the manufacturer. It supposedly greatly impacts the performance and longevity of your printer. Some of these printers can indicate when any new driver or software is available. I personally, don’t really buy that argument, and I am of the belief that what the printer manufacturer strives to achieve, is that the existing compatible cartridges (their mortal enemy) may no longer work in that printer!!!

Follow the manual

When purchasing your printer, you may get a manual along with it. Keep it accessible,  so that when your printer needs cleaning or shows signs of malfunctioning, you will be able to help yourself.  In case you misplace it, check the manufacturers’ website. They mostly have a comprehensive list of frequently encountered issues along with the solution options.  Ensure that you do not experiment with your printer, if you cannot figure out the problem, it is better to put it in for a repair. You can google for “printer repairs Adelaideor ask your friends about it, to connect with a professional.

Invest in a maintenance kit

If appropriate, for a High end or a business printer, to continue to get consistent professional quality print outs and better maintenance, you may consider investing some extra money on your printer, by purchasing a maintenance kit from your printer’s manufacturer. These kits mostly include a variety of maintenance products starting with supplies which may help you to clean to printer parts like rollers and guides.