Many people purchase cheap inkjet printers in Adelaide, thinking they are making a great
purchase. Well, it may seem that way, but the crunch comes when you analyse the real cost
to print! Printer Manufacturers use these entry level printers to lock you into using their OEM
consumables. They may not make much money selling the printer, but they make an absolute
killing on the INKS $$$$. Once you’re locked into that printer, you are wasting Money every
time you print!

At Adelaide InkPlus, we say that you should really unplug that printer, put it into the
recycling bin, and buy a slightly dearer printer that has individual inks cartridges! After you’ve
used 1 or 2 sets of cartridges, you will have made up the difference in initial costs and be well
on your way to enjoying much more cost effective printing!

If you want to save even more money, you can use compatible ink cartridges, and remember
that all compatible ink catridges from Adelaide InkPlus are GUARANTEED!

Please be aware that Seniors Card Holders get special prices prices at Adelaide InkPlus!!!
Seniors Card Holders enjoy special discounts on all Ink Cartridges and Toner Cartridges!
Seniors please ask for special Seniors Prices, when enquiring about your particular needs.
Remember that lower Cartridges prices means lower costs per page when you print.
Using Compatible Ink cartridges means even bigger savings!

Please remember these important facts –
1. Cheap printers do not give you cheap printing.
2. Generally, the more you spend on your printer, The more likely it is that it will result in a
lower cost per page to print.
3. Mono Laser printers seem to promise he lowest cost per page to print! Also, the dearer
the printer, the lower the cost per page to print! Now you know why Businesses pay for
the dearer printers!

If your Inkjet printer is printing poorly, it may be that it has blocked printheads. This is
quite common when Inkjet printers are not used often. To rectify this, you can always try doing
a printhead clean to over come this problem. It is important to realise that ONE clean may not
be enough. If the test page indicates any blockage, it will be necessary to perform the function
several times, to get the print quality up to 100%
In rare cases, it may be necessary to apply steam directly to the printhead (where appropriate)
to clear the blockage. Please ensure that it is appropriate to use this method before proceeding!

It is interesting to observe that the major printer manufacturers are now releasing some more
effective Inkjet printers. They might have much larger cartridges or be utilising“continuous Ink
systems”. They are intending to compete with some of the laser printers, on a cost per page
basis. Naturally, you would expect higher purchase prices , but over time, they may be a real
money saving alternative.

Remember that using compatible Inkjet cartridges results in real money savings! Generally,
their cost per page (to print) is where they provide real savings.

When you need compatible Inkjet cartridges in Adelaide, remember to call us at Adelaide
Inkplus – if you cant get to us, delivery is always an option!

For Great Personal Service, Please give a call!!!!!


When installing Toner cartridges, always remember to give the cartridge a gentle shake prior
to installation. The purpose of this is to ensure that the toner is not packed or clumped
together in the cartridge. This will ensure that the toner is properly transferred into the printer.
If this is not done, and not all of the toner is loaded, it may result in a lower page yield.

Similarly, when a cartridge is showing signs of running out, by removing the cartridge and
giving it a gentle shake and then reinstalling it, you may be able to print a few extra pages.
This is effective, because small amounts of toner may have settled, or become packed or
clumped in the cartridge. Shaking will ensure that all of the toner is transferred into the

Please remember that Compatible Cartridges result in real Money savings!!!!! Generally,
their cost per page (to print) is where they provide real savings! When you need compatible
Toner Cartridges in Adelaide, remember to call us at Adelaide InkPLus – if you cant get to us,
delivery is always an option.

Please be aware that Seniors Card holders enjoy special discounts on all Ink cartridges and
Toner cartridges at Adelaide InkPlus. Please ask for your Special seniors price, when enquiring
about your particular needs. Lower cartridge prices mean lower cost per page when you print!


Because there are so many printers in Australia, it pays to ensure that you are purchasing
the correct cartridges! It is helpful to bring the Printer details and/or the cartridge details
when purchasing consumables. It may be good practice to order you cartridges before they are
needed, or even keep a spare set at home. This will ensure you don’t get caught short when it
really matters.

Adelaide InkPlus encourages you to dispose of your empty cartridges thoughtfully – Nobody
wants unnecessary waste going into the environment!!!